Goodreads, Zero, and Apple Fitness

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Although New Years Day on the Gregorian Calendar is a completely made up event with no cosmic or astrological meaning, it is often treated as a reset button in our lives. A time to reflect on the 365 previous trips around the sun, try to learn from past mistakes, and set new goals. Some people make grand resolutions to be a better person, become healthier, more successful, or friendlier. Statements like these often result in a few weeks, maybe a couple of months, of working toward new behaviors. …

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The Pen is Mightier

How can I make a difference?

I, like many others, have asked myself this question in some form my whole life. Probably first sparked by watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fight the evil of Shredder and his minions. Most recently, by watching a riot breach the United States Capitol building and disrupt the certification of a presidential election.

There is however, a major difference between the problems of fictional cartoon characters and the real world. It is easy to make a difference when your world is black and white, good versus evil, honorable hero versus evil monster. …

How Having the Right Support Can Make Parenting New Life+

They say you are never really ready to have kids. I have been Dadding for 219 days. They were right.

I despise stereotypes, tired old sayings, and most of the things “They” say, but becoming a parent truly was an indescribable and transformative experience. It changed the way I see my wife. She’s much more of a badass than I would have ever thought. (As is every woman who brings small humans into the world.) It changed the way I see my parents. I can begin to glimpse the true…

Mitchell McClay

Trying to put some good words on the internet.

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